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What Is A Webinar

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar is an online event. The word "webinar" comes from a combination of the words "web" and "seminar" because webinars were originally just online presentations.

Like any event, a webinar can take many forms. The most basic form of webinar is when a person delivers a presentation or lecture online for an audience. The audience views the presentation via an online video either in real-time (live) or on-demand (recorded).

The greatest benefit of a webinar is that large numbers of people can receive knowledge, skills, training, ideas or information from anyone in the world. Webinars can be used to provide updates to people in many locations at the same time, connect teams, build professional and/or personal relationships, demo products or new technologies and much more.

Important Ways To Use A Webinar


A webinar should always showcase content that is timely and relevant to a specific audience. Your goal is to provide insight and give something of value to your audience.


Online events allow you to interact with more of the audience and in different ways. You can gather information, increase engagement and build relationships.


Creating content is a time-consuming process. However, webinars allow you to re-use content which helps maximize your time and provide resources with a longer lifespan.


An online event is a highly effective way to reach beyond your current audience and grow your contact list.


Every webinar is an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise on a topic. When you establish credibility, you build trust which is essential to any relationship.


People love to learn and receive information that solves a problem they have. Use webinars to teach and solve to problems - not to make a sales pitch.

Steps For A Successful Webinar

Every webinar requires planning, compelling content and reliable technology. As you review these steps for a successful webinar, it is always best to have dedicated roles - whenever possible. Assign a person to handle the event details, another person to be the "subject matter expert" or speaker and someone to review and serve as a sounding board.

Plan Your Webinar

Webinars and online events require strategy and planning. What is your objective for hosting the event? Define all your goals before you get started.

Identify Your Audience

Who you are trying to reach is connected to your goals and the content you present. You need to understand who your audience is and what they need.

Create A Compelling Topic

Your topic and its content needs to be compelling to your audience for your webinar to be a success. Focus on teaching and solving to specific problems vs a hard sell.

Schedule Your Webinar

Everyone has a theory on the best day and time for a webinar. The truth is - it depends on your audience. Location, industry and topic can all play a factor in scheduling.

Build Your Presentation

The right content, graphics and interactive components are essential to keep an audience engaged. Build a presentation that meets a need and think about how it flows.

Practice and Test

With any event, you will want to practice your presentation and test all your technology. Being prepared and having a plan to address issues will ensure a successful event.

Manage Your Time

The most effective webinars are 60 minutes or less. Make sure you manage your time during a webinar and avoid rushing. Create a series if you have too much content.

Interact with the Audience

Interacting with your audience is important, because lectures do not engage people. Create polls, answer questions and find ways to increase dialogue and exchange.

Create A Post Event Plan

Planning for what happens AFTER the webinar is another key to success. Webinars are designed to live on after they happen. Create a 6 to 12 month post-event plan.

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