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Jet Webinar provides real-time live and simulated webinars. The company promotes the fact that you can host live webinars with low latency (video and audio delay) and use the webinars for recurring simulated events, which allows you to promote them over a period of time.

Jet Webinar's simulated live experience allows users to create powerful, on-demand webinar experiences with the interactivity of a live webinar through a series of tools. Jet Webinar's tools are designed to give your audience an experience that closely matches a live event.

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Here are some of the key features included in the Jet Webinar solution.

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LIVE BROADCASTING: Host live webinars with less than a second (300ms) video latency.

AUTOMATED WEBINARS: Host your webinars automatically without you needing to be present.

INTERACTIVE LIVE CHAT: Receive and respond to incoming attendee messages live using chat messaging.

CUSTOM TEMPLATES: Create beautiful experiences with professionally designed templates.

LANDING PAGE BUILDER: Customize every aspect of the webinar experience with a drag & drop page builder.

PERSONALIZED EMAILS: Automatically remind people to attend your events and follow up with them after.

AFFILIATE TRACKING: Promote your events to your network's audience with an affiliate management system.

SALES TOOLS: Create your webinar using tools that help you promote your products and services.

Jet Webinar Dashboard - Your Webinar Experts

Jet Webinar Dashboard

The Jet Webinar Dashboard provides an easy-to-use hub for administering all phases of a live or pre-recorded webinar event.

Webinar Templates

Your account comes pre-loaded with a series of webinar templates that you can use.
Jet Webinar Drag and Drop Editor - Your Webinar Experts

Drag and Drop Editor

Jet Webinar has a drag and drop landing page editor that allows you to quickly create event landing and registration pages.
Jet Webinar Reminder Emails - Your Webinar Experts

Setting Up Email Communication

Setting up reminder emails and other communications are easy in Jet Webinar.

Schedule Simulated Live Webinar

In Jet Webinar, you can take pre-recorded events, and have them run as if they are "live" events.
Jet Webinar Attendee Report - Your Webinar Experts

Webinar Attendee Report

Attendee reports in Jet Webinar provide details on who attended live or who attended a simulated event, and more.

Jet Webinar Pricing

Information provided by Jet Webinar, but subject to change.

  • Silver Package
  • $79
    per Month
  • 100 Live Attendees
  • 5 On-Demand Webinars
  • Call To Action Buttons
  • Live Attendee Messaging
  • Reminder/Followup Emails
  • Did Not Attend Emails
  • Early Abandon Emails
  • Text/Email Chat Notifications
  • 8 Premade Templates
  • Affiliate Promotion Dashboard
  • Template Builder
  • 100GB Video Storage
  • Email Support
  • Gold Package
  • $147
    per Month
  • 500 Live Attendees
  • Unlimited On-Demand Webinars
  • All Silver Package Features
  • Late Visitor Handling
  • Email+Phone Support
  • Platinum Package
  • $347
    per Month
  • 2000 Live Attendees
  • Unlimited On-Demand Webinars
  • All Gold Package Features
  • Email + Phone Support
  • Dedicated Account Rep

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