Webinar Services & Platforms


Many companies are adding Webinars to their marketing activities. Since Webinars became a popular business tool over 10 years ago, the number of providers, as well as the features and functionality within each service, have changed substantially. This directory of webinar services and providers is meant to shed some light on what options you have to host your own Webinar. Questions? Write us at: GetStarted@YourWebinarExperts.com

NOTE: We have divided up some of the providers in our directory based on the size of the user. In some cases, a provider will have solutions for an enterprise customer as well as offerings for SMBs, start-ups, and organizations interested in training and more personalized events with smaller audiences. All webinar service profiles are based on our research and information offered by providers. We make an effort to review and test each system.

Enterprise Webinar Solutions

An enterprise webinar solution will have a large number of features, audience capacity, as well as other services (such as personalized management or concierge). These solutions are often higher in cost.

Small to Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Small to mid-sized businesses have many technical needs, as well as the ability to host large audiences. Their needs may not be as robust as larger, enterprise businesses, but are still substantial.

Start-Ups / Training / Small Scale Webinars

Businesses that are start-ups, organizations focused on training, and others that are interested in smaller audience sizes for their Webinars will find these providers are good for their needs.

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