Change your in-person conferences and events to

Virtual Events and Virtual Reality Experiences

Virtual events and use of virtual reality experiences to replace or supplement in-person events and activities are the new normal.

Your Webinar Experts can help you find the best technology to meet your needs, and plan and manage your virtual event so you are successful.

What is a virtual event?

Virtual events are online events that can either replace or supplement an in-person conference of event. Learn more about what a virtual is and how it can be effective.

How to add a virtual reality experience to your event

Virtual reality experiences provide a unique way to bring your attendees closer to the action - with more life-like scenarios and sensations. Learn more about how you can add a virtual reality experience to your next event.

How to create a virtual conference or event

Virtual conferences and online events provide audiences with information and interactive experiences. Learn more about how to create a virtual conference or event that brings people together.



Webinars and online events require strategy and planning. Our team knows how to put together a strong B2B, B2G, G2C or B2C webinar plan. We have been creating webinars for 20 years.


Once you get your plan, topic, speakers and content, you need an audience. Webinar marketing is where many people and organization's fail. We know how to build lists, promote, and get people to register.


The right content, graphics, and words are essential to keep an audience engaged, and get qualified leads. With experience in dozens of industries, and hundreds of events, we know what webinar content works.


Webinars are important marketing tools for all types of businesses. But not every company has the internal technical expertise. Let us manage your webinar. Whether it is the entire event process, or just the technical pieces, we can be a valuable resource and help make your webinars a success.

Our team can help with every aspect of your Webinar program. From those who want to create their first Webinar, to teams with a long-established series of events, we can help improve audience acquisition, event management, technology, and more.

We have professionals with 20 years of experience in creating Webinars, identifying and recruiting speakers, selecting the right technology, managing the event, moderating, and speaking as subject matter experts.

Give us an opportunity to create a high-quality and successful Webinar for your organization.

Get started
with these key
resources and services.

Use our "Why Create A Virtual Event" guide, an introductory online event discussion, and our paid services to help make your event a success.

Why Create A Virtual Event

"Why Create A Virtual Event is a detailed step-by-step guide that covers your initial online event planning, and takes your though the process of identifying a topic, speakers, and technology. The guide also identifies important activities you will need to consider such as pre-event marketing, what to do during the event, and post-event tasks. It's a great guide for beginners, as well as conference and event planning experts looking to refresh their knowledge. Click to request a copy of "Why Create A Virtual Event".

Free Virtual Event Consultation

Our introductory, free virtual event consultation is designed to help businesses and organizations get started by giving them a high-level analysis of what it will take to create a virtual event (including converting an in-person event into a virtual event). We will discuss virtual event strategy and tactics. Though not meant to replace a detailed review, our preliminary analysis can provide some helpful information and get your organization pointed in the right direction. Click here to get your virtual event consultation started.


Our growing directory of the best webinar and virtual event software and platforms is FREE and available for everyone to access.

We routinely test and use different software products, and place the information on our website for your review and consideration. We do not accept payment or exchanges for our reviews.

If you have a question about a review, or want your software (or a particular software suite) reviewed by our team, please contact us at:



Consumer webinars, online events, and education or training sessions have become increasingly popular for individuals and small to mid-sized business owners. For example, you or your company may want to use webinars to educate around a product or service. Or you may want to provide people with a valuable learning session on a special technique or skill. Whatever your reason, videos are highly effective at reaching consumer audiences and growing your brand online. We can help create effective webinars and educational sessions for your business.


Business to business (B2B) Webinars are rated as one of the most effective lead generation tactics with marketers. Over 66% of B2B marketers use webinars to boost brand presence and increase sales. Since Webinars came into use, the average time people spend viewing an event has increased to over 50 minutes (up from 38 minutes in 2010). We have created and managed B2B webinars for companies such as HP, Deltek, BIA/Kelsey, and more. We know how to reach businesses audiences, and generate the sales leads you want.


Officials in government agencies at the federal, state and local level are constantly seeking information that can help them improve services or address challenges and opportunities. Webinars are a great resource for people in government. We have created successful webinars around federal government initiatives and agencies (such as FEMA, DOD, DISA, and NSA), as well as state and local government programs. If your organization or company wants to a successful B2G marketing campaign, our Webinar services can be a great asset.


Government to citizen (G2C) Webinars are not commonly talked about in marketing, but they represent a critically important tactic in any government's effort to communicate with its citizens and employees. By using webinars, government agencies at the federal, state, and local level can expand access to important information sessions, hearings, and create training resources. Your Webinar Experts has a program specially tailored for government agencies to create and manage Webinar programs that meet citizen and government employee expectations.



The "Insights" blog is designed to capture quick and helpful ideas, tips, and tactics for delivering successful webinars, as well as keys to successful virtual events, online learning and remote working.

Webinars To Attend

We are always on the look-out for interesting Webinars for people to attend. If you have an upcoming Webinar you want to promote, please let us know by e-mailing us at:

Below are some upcoming and on-demand Webinars you should consider attending.

How To Prepare for the SAT or ACT - Test Preparation for High School Students and Parents

With the ACT and SAT increasingly important in the college admission process, it is important to take time to prepare for these tests now. Huntington Learning Center, experts in test preparation, cordially invite you to watch a free, online discussion with our ACT and SAT test expert. The goal of this event is to discuss the college admissions process, walk through aspects of the test, discuss how to prepare for either the ACT or SAT test.

Homework: A Parent’s Survival Guide

Every day, millions of parents are engaged in a homework battle with their children. Although homework helps develop good study habits, parents struggle with how much is too much, and how to work through assignments with their children.

During this Huntington Learning Center webinar, we are going to discuss: 1) The Homework Battle, 2) Common Problems Children Face with Homework, 3) Successful Strategies for Completing Homework.

Study Skills for High School and Beyond

With children seeking out more activities and interests outside of school, developing effective study skills is essential to success. Without study skills, your child will not be able to manage all the demands on their time.

During this webinar, Huntington Learning Center will discuss: 1) The importance of studying and organization, and common challenges. 2) Some common misconceptions about studying 3) The relationship between self-awareness and learning 4) Different study skills and strategies