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Online Classes and Courses

Online courses or e-learning where people of all ages can be educated and master new skills through websites and virtual reality are the new normal.

Your Webinar Experts can help you find the best technology to meet your needs, and plan and manage your online classes so you can provide more value to your community.

How do online classes work?

Teaching is an essential part of helping others to gain knowledge and build skills. By using technology and receiving the right guidance and preparation, anyone with expertise can share their knowledge with others. However, many people do not know how to teach an online course. In this article, we cover how online classes work and what to expect.

How to create an online course

Online courses can create a powerful library of information for your audience and showcase your expertise. But may people are hesitant to try without a road map. In this article, learn the basics of how to create an online course for your organization.

How to promote and sell online courses

Online courses are similar to webinars in that they can have a long life-cycle with your target audience. Since a course is a series of lessons and materials, it is designed to deliver more value than a single a webinar. One of the greatest challenges people have is once they create a course - how do they promote it and/or sell it?



Webinars and online events require strategy and planning. Our team knows how to put together a strong B2B, B2G, G2C or B2C webinar plan. We have been creating webinars for 20 years.


The right content, graphics, and words are essential to keep an audience engaged, and get qualified leads. With experience in dozens of industries, and hundreds of events, we know what webinar content works.


Once you get your plan, topic, speakers and content, you need an audience. Webinar marketing is where many people and organization's fail. We know how to build lists, promote, and get people to register.

Our team can help with every aspect of your online courses or e-learning program. From those who want to create their first online courses, to teams with a long-established series of courses and training guides, we can help improve audience acquisition, lesson planning, course quality, technology, and more.

We have professionals with 10 years or more of experience in creating online courses and video training resources, creating lesson plans, selecting the right technology, managing online course production and marketing.

Give us an opportunity to create a high-quality and successful online courses and e-learning resources for your organization.

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Use our "Why Create Online Courses" guide, an introductory e-learning discussion, and our paid services to help make your online courses more successful.

Why Create Online Courses

Why Create Online Courses is a detailed step-by-step guide that covers why your business, organization or agency should create an online learning program for your audience. The guide also identifies some important activities you will need to consider such as course offerings and lesson planning, as well as the technology needed to start to create online courses. It's a great guide for beginners, as well as online teaching experts looking to refresh their knowledge. Click to request a copy of "Why Create Online Courses".

Free Online Courses Consultation

Our introductory, free online courses consultation is designed to help businesses by conducting a high-level review of their online learning strategy and tactics. Though not meant to replace a detailed review, our preliminary analysis can provide some helpful information and get your business pointed in the right direction. Click here to get your webinar consultation started.


Our growing directory of learning management software (LMS) and platforms is FREE and available for everyone to access.

We routinely test and use different software products, and place the information on our website for your review and consideration. We do not accept payment or exchanges for our reviews.

If you have a question about a review, or want your software (or a particular software suite) reviewed by our team, please contact us at:



The "Insights" blog is designed to capture quick and helpful ideas, tips, and tactics for delivering successful webinars, as well as keys to successful virtual events, online learning and remote working.

Webinars To Attend

We are always on the look-out for interesting Webinars for people to attend. If you have an upcoming Webinar you want to promote, please let us know by e-mailing us at:

Below are some upcoming and on-demand Webinars you should consider attending.

How To Prepare for the SAT or ACT - Test Preparation for High School Students and Parents

With the ACT and SAT increasingly important in the college admission process, it is important to take time to prepare for these tests now. Huntington Learning Center, experts in test preparation, cordially invite you to watch a free, online discussion with our ACT and SAT test expert. The goal of this event is to discuss the college admissions process, walk through aspects of the test, discuss how to prepare for either the ACT or SAT test.

Homework: A Parent’s Survival Guide

Every day, millions of parents are engaged in a homework battle with their children. Although homework helps develop good study habits, parents struggle with how much is too much, and how to work through assignments with their children.

During this Huntington Learning Center webinar, we are going to discuss: 1) The Homework Battle, 2) Common Problems Children Face with Homework, 3) Successful Strategies for Completing Homework.

Study Skills for High School and Beyond

With children seeking out more activities and interests outside of school, developing effective study skills is essential to success. Without study skills, your child will not be able to manage all the demands on their time.

During this webinar, Huntington Learning Center will discuss: 1) The importance of studying and organization, and common challenges. 2) Some common misconceptions about studying 3) The relationship between self-awareness and learning 4) Different study skills and strategies