G2C Webinars

Reach citizens and employees with Webinars and online training.


Communication to citzens or the general public through webinars from government agencies are becoming more critical. People expect government to be a reliable and consistent source of information.

Federal, state and local agencies use Webinars and online events to reach decision-makers in business and organizations as well as the general public.

Public-facing Webinars from government agencies have enormous value.

Government agencies can use webinars to discuss a new RFP or contract that is available for bidding, a new service offering, a change in regulation or operational process that consumers need to be aware or share a new strategic plan or promotion.

Whatever your goal, webinars allow people to see and hear from their government officials in a more personal way, as well as interact with them. This improves the public's understanding of government and its role as well as builds a positive perception of the agency.

Interact in real-time

Webinars allow government agencies to interact with the public in real-time.

Using standard features in many webinar platforms, you can conduct polls of the audience to evaluate an existing program and its performance or test new ideas and solicit feedback. Question and answer sessions also are very effective at making sure you have communicated all the information you need to share with the public.

As with any government-run event, the key to success is to not just have a topic that your agency considers important, but to make sure the audience understands why this topic is important to them and why they need to attend.

For close to 20 years we have been running webinars. Let us help your agency manage and deliver a successful government to citizen webinar.

Who Is Your Audience?

Who are you trying to reach? And why? Those are the two most important questions you must answer in order to create a government to citizen Webinar. We can help identify the key demographic groups, find out what their interests and greatest concerns are, what social networks they use, and more. By building a profile of your audience, you can then either create a topic that will appeal to their needs or communicate the importance of the webinar more effectively.

Create A Topic

The second step is to create a topic. You may already have an idea for a topic, which is great. If not, think about what kinds of information is important to the public. If you are an HHS agency, you could do a series of webinars healthcare or domestic violence prevention. You could host a webinar of a live event, such as a planning or zoning commission meeting. There are many opportunities available to you. And if your agency wants help identifying some potential topics or types of webinars, let us know. We work with many businesses and organizations to create interesting topics.

Identify Your Goals For The Webinar

The third step in our G2C Webinar process is to identify your goals. What will success look like? Who is the right audience? What questions do you want to make sure get answered? Do you have a registration or attendance goal? Mapping these things out will help make sure everything we do goes towards achieving the goals we set.

Plan Your Communications and Event Promotion

After we identifying all the goals, we can now align all our communications and public relations efforts to achieving them. Promoting a webinar is often one of the most difficult tasks. We can help your agency segment its existing database or we can create and execute a plan to reach people you have struggled to communicate with in the past. Awareness of what your agency is doing is important - as it helps you achieve your mission.

Webinar Content

Everything from your registration page to email communications, phone scripts to presentation materials, is considered Webinar content. We have many years of experience creating content for Webinars, including presentations. If you are nervous about presenting, we routinely script out events for moderators and speakers to ensure they have as detailed a roadmap as they need to be successful.

Manage The Event & Post Webinar Activities

Lastly, comes the technical process of managing the event, followed by tackling the post-Webinar tasks. What Webinar service is going to be used? Will there by questions allowed? Or polls taken? And what kind of follow-up will you need to take after the event is over? We have experience managing a wide variety of Webinar solutions, as well as addressing post-event communications.

Your Webinar Experts is part of the Social Web Tactics marketing team. We specialize in creating and managing highly successful B2G, B2C, B2B and G2C webinars which improve engagement and improve brand identity. We are ready and able to help your company, organization or agency develop and execute a successful webinar strategy.

Contact us today to discuss your webinar needs.