B2B Webinars

Generate business leads and build your brand.


Webinars and educational videos are the two most effective tools used by B2B marketers.

We have created B2B webinars for companies in a wide variety of industries such as: broadcast media, construction, digital media, education, finance, health care, manufacturing, retail, technology and more. We also have worked with start-ups, SMBs, and larger enterprises and Fortune 500 businesses.

The most successful of all business marketing is when a company can provide relevant information that educates your target audience. The biggest concerns, challenges, and opportunities of your potential customers, are all areas that you should pursue with marketing content.

Webinars allow you to effectively meet the needs of your prospects, as well as build your company's reputation as a thought-leader in the marketplace.

Your Webinar Experts is well-versed in content marketing, and how to effective use webinars to share thought-leadership with businesses, and generate qualified leads. 

The greatest challenge many companies have is that they lack internal expertise, time, and/or budget to launch and manage their own B2B webinar program.

Each webinar you can organize and deliver with precision is an opportunity to showcase your capabilities as a company to potential customers. We can help your business create the right kinds of events, because we have a thorough process that is built on customer profiles, understanding the needs of your audience, and how you solve specific challenges.

Our B2B Webinar Process

While every webinar requires a detailed process, we have simplified how we work into three, easy steps.

Identify Target Audience

The first step in creating a lead generation webinar is to identify your target audience. Who are you trying to reach?

  • Review sales data and BD targets
  • Research prospect needs
  • Analyze competitor webinars and content

Define Objectives

The second step in creating a lead generation webinar is to define our objectives and goals. What will success look like? What is a lead? What is a "qualified" lead? What do the marketing and sales teams do before, during and after the event?

  • Build a profile of a lead and a highly qualified lead for sales
  • Outline steps for marketing and sales during every phase of the Webinar

Plan and Deliver

The final step in creating a lead generation webinar is to outline a total plan, including speakers, marketing, content development, rehearsals, webinar technology, event management, and post-event follow-up.

We are very thorough when it comes to webinar execution. Every piece of the event process is interconnected and essential for success.

Why B2B Webinars Should Be An Important Part Of Your Marketing

A webinar has the ability to engage your audience, target the needs of your customers, and start a conversation.

Every business recognizes that face-to-face interactions are important. Conferences, networking events, meet and greets, and even catching-up with coffee before work, all play a powerful role in building relationships, and communicating ideas and things of value.

Webinars allow business professionals to reach out and communicate valuable content, and engage with people, in a more cost-effective way.

Unlike a physical event, which can take months to set up and be extremely expensive, a webinar allows a business to have a deep level of engagement with prospective customers for a fraction of the cost, and in much less time.

The ending result is you gain the ability to have more webinars - or - more moments of meaningful conversations with your potential customers.

Below are some of the reasons why B2B webinars should be an important part of your marketing activities and budget.

No limitations or boundaries

Webinars are all done online. And since people only need a computer and an internet connection to participate, they can be organized, managed, and attended from any location. This means your audience is not limited in any way.

You Can Speak, Listen and Learn

Another benefit of webinars for your business is they allow both you and your audience to have a platform to speak, listen and learn. Not only can you convey the message you want, but you can open your platform up to hear from more than one prospective customer. The ability to learn on a more mass scale gives you the ability to learn more about your customer's needs that any other marketing platform or channel.

Engage Your Audience with Compelling Content

A webinar is close to a direct sales call or networking event. Unlike very static forms of marketing content, like an infographic, blog post, or even a product / service video, webinars are designed to be interactive. You can ask questions, conduct polls, have multiple speakers, and do other things - all so your audience can participate in the event. If you use content that is compelling and interesting, you can connect with your audience in a way that helps facilitate more direct conversations.

Partner To Provide More Value

Over the years, more and more businesses are using B2B webinars as a way to partner with other experts or providers. This has the benefit of drawing more people into your event, but also showcasing that your value goes beyond just your company - and includes the ability to forge relationships that enhance solutions for yur audience.

Build Credibility By Becoming A Trusted Thought Leader

Webinars also help you build credibility in the marketplace, by presenting you as a thought leader. When you connect all the dots of what makes a webinar valuable to your marketing efforts, thought leadership is a very important part of the equation. Providing actionable knowledge and consistent communication creates greater trust with prospective customers. When it comes time to buy, greater trust with one company is often the key difference maker.

Your Webinar Experts is part of the Social Web Tactics marketing team. We specialize in creating and managing highly successful B2G, B2C, B2B and G2C webinars which improve engagement and improve brand identity. We are ready and able to help your company, organization or agency develop and execute a successful webinar strategy.

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