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WebinarJam is a sophisticated and easy-to-use live casting and event streaming software that can help you produce a complete live stream event from registration to replay. It is consistently considered one of the highest rated webinar software platforms in the market today with a feature-rich offering and low annual cost.

Its cloud-based architecture does not require users or audiences to download software. However, it still provides a secure and stable connection. WebinarJam uses a proprietary combination of WebRTC and HLS with a little bit of RTMP Streaming to provide a clear video and audio stream that improves the quality of what your audience receives across any device. The solution has been capable of over 10,000 simultaneous viewers, which means it is incredibly robust.

Pricing is done differently for WebinarJam than many of its competitors. The $499 starter cost is for the entire year (which comes out to a little over $41 per month). The fee is annual (there is no month to month), but in addition to all standard webinar features you would expect, you also get to inject pre-recorded videos, send email and text messages from the system and charge for events.

Professional and Enterprise plans have a "always on" room, which is a dedicated URL for your company that you can share and use at any time. This is great for reoccuring company or organization events that are separate from single webinars. These users also receive a "panic button" that in case of a technical problem - the system will reboot and transfer everyone into a new room to continue the webinar.

Currently, WebinarJam is used by over 35,000 online business professionals.

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