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Livestorm Summary

Livestorm is a complete video communications tool for online events and webinars. What helps put it in the top tier of software solutions (and earn our #5 rank) is that it includes a robust feature set including built-in marketing automation, integrations with other applications and advanced analytics for tracking event engagement.

The analytics component in Livestorm is much more sophisticated than other providers because it allows you to track minute-by-minute attendance and attention rates, which can greatly inform you about what content is driving the most interest for your audience.

Another area where Livestorm is a bit more advanced than its competitors is with its automation features - specifically email. Most solutions can send email notifications. However, Livestorm allows you to send promotional emails and automate those communications. You can add elements of personalization to the communication, send, then check the status and engagement of the emails.

Within Livestorm, you can create and customize your own landing and registration pages. And there is an integration with streaming to YouTube and Twitch, which can greatly expand your audience reach.

The solution, like others in the top tier, is compatible across all devices and browsers, and allows you to run live webinars or online events, on-demand or automated / "just in time" webinars that simulate live events.

Overall, we like the versitility of Livestorm, because you can use it for product demos, training, webinars, online events, podcasts or online courses. There is the ability to embed registration forms, and you have unlimited recording space - which is not as common a feature with webinar software providers as we would like to see.

When it comes to pricing, Livestorm is competitive, but certainly one of the more expensive monthly options. While you can get a free plan for up to 10 registrants, a basic Webinar Premium plan costs $109 (paid monthly) and gets you all the features with 100 attendees. 250 live attendees will cost an additional $109, while 1,000 will cost $229. At the moment, the meeting solution is sold separately and normally that retails for $39 (paid monthly). But Livestorm is offering their meeting solution for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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