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GoToWebinar earns a number 2 ranking, because it remains one the best and most reliable webinar solutions available for businesses and organizations.

More people use GoToWebinar than any other solution, and there is significant familiarity across industries with the platform - both for people administering webinars as well as users. This is an important differentiator because people have a higher comfort level interacting with solutions they know.

Competition in the webinar software marketplace has pushed GoToWebinar to update their dashboard to a more modern user interface. GoToWebinar also has added new features over the last year, including the ability to charge an audience money for webinars, a built-in video editor and a transcript service that automatically creates a written version of the webinar conversation. For "Standard" level accounts and higher, you can leverage the transcript with an embedded video on your website to maximize search engine optimization and create a better user experience.

There are some limitations with GoToWebinar compared to other platforms. For example, GoToWebinar does not have built-in marketing automation features. We do not consider this a major drawback since the solution integrates with different automation solutions and CRMs. Many mid-sized to large organizations will have an email or marketing automation solution in place. However, if your business or organization does not have a solution in place - a different webinar provider may make promotion and data collection easier.

Overall, the increasingly competitive landscape for webinar solutions is forcing GoToWebinar to better manage its pricing. The most entry-level subscription will cost you $59 per month ($49 per month if you pay for the whole year). GoToWebinar also bundles GoToMeeting for up to 150 meeting attendees with all its plans. One note, even if you pay month-to-month with GoToWebinar, you still need to enter into a full year contract. This may be a show-stopped for some businesses and organizations unsure of their long-term webinar plans.

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