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EverWebinar is made by the same company that created WebinarJam and the software is often bundled with WebinarJam (but sold separately). We rank them together as one solution set, but they do serve different needs as far as webinars.

EverWebinar is designed to simulate a "live" event is taking place. In other words, it provides for automated, ondemand and "Just In Time" webinars where people can view the content on a schedule or within moments of registration. The webinars used in this solution are pre-recorded.

If you bundle EverWebinar with WebinarJam you can take your "live" event and immediately convert it into an on-demand webinar. The solution has templates so you can easily create landing pages and you also can include offers that get presented during the evergreen webinar broadcast that encourage engagement. This is an excellent resource for people interested in selling products and services.

Another cool feature is the simulated "live chat" that allows you to import the flow of a chat from a previous event or add a simulated chat script.

There also are "live" polls that can take place, so even though you are running a simulated event - you can still capture poll data from your attendees. With a standard on-demand webinar, viewers see polls that took place but cannot participate in them. So, this EverWebinar feature adds a compelling engagement tool to make a pre-recorded event more valuable.

EverWebinar has the same intro $499 price tag as WebinarJam, but you also can pay in installments - though the end cost is a little higher. One important final note: WebinarJam has on-demand webinars built into the solution. EverWebinar is for businesses and organizations that want to take on-demand events and simulate a "live" experience. This is not a necessary feature for all business types, so do consider your goals before purchasing both solutions together.

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