Demio Summary

Demio is a solid video conferencing and webinar software provider that is well-designed and makes setting up and managing webinars easy and successful.

The solution is run in the cloud and requires no software or application downloads, which makes it easier for both webinar administrators and speakers as well as the attendees - all anyone has to use is a browser.

Demio allows you to run live webinars, as well as a webinar series, a hybrid event (mixing pre-recorded material with live video), on-demand (standard replay) and automated / simulated live events. By offering these event types, Demio can be used for more online events such as training sessions, marketing / promotional webinars, courses and more.

Demio does not have a full suite of marketing automation tools, but it does integrate with marketing automation software and CRM solutions. You can still create registration pages, embed registration forms on your website, send out email notifications. You can customize some elements to ensure you showcase your logo and colors.

The system features also include many standard options, such as polling, chats, sharing presentations and more. Demio also allows you to bring attendees into the webinar, which not all tools allow, and has a feature to showcase a call to action during the event.

The quality of the video and audio has been highlighted by Demio's customers as being a real plus.

Pricing is competitive with other providers as well. A "starter" package for Demio will cost $49 (paid monthly), including all standard features and have a 50 attendee per webinar limit. Though there is a 3 hour session limit, you do get unlimited webinars and unlimited storeage, which is a plus. If you want to be able to brand your registration pages, have at least 150 attendees and be able to customize your registration form fields, you will need to pay $99 (paid monthly). The last tier costs $234 (paid monthly) and gets you a 500 attendee max, all available features and up to 4 hosts to run events. Annual plans (paying for the whole year up front) drive the monthly cost down by 30%. A full year at the most expensive plan will costs your business or organization about $2,000.

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