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ClickMeeting is a robust solution for product demos, online courses, webinars and large online events.

What makes ClickMeeting an excellent solution is that it provides a complete event solution allowing you to engage people before, during and after a webinar with important information or actionable content.

For example, you can have a "waiting room" that allows your attendees to have detailed information about the event and download resources you make available.

A person can run automated webinars as well as use a PayPal integration to sell content, including courses.

Sub-accounts and multi-user options are another unique feature within ClickMeeting. For sub-accounts, you can allow colleagues, external consultants, and trainers to have their own accounts and run events but under one brand for uniformity. If you are running courses, for example, you could have sub-accounts for courses or grade levels. Security settings prevent sub-account users to access other accounts. The multi-user option allows different people to login to access an account. Both options provide a great deal of flexibility for an admin and increase the value that ClickMeeting provides.

ClickMeeting allows you to stream your content to Facebook and YouTube. It also comes with lots of standard webinar features like customizable branding throughout the experience, invitations and registration pages. During the event you can poll or survey your audience, engage in chats and share presentations and videos. What's more, like other modern solutions, ClickMeeting is borwser-based and does not require account holders or attendees to download and run applications.

Once the webinar is over, you have detailed analytics on your webinar attendance rates and other metrics, as well as a recording that you make available for on-demand viewing.

Lastly, when it comes to price, ClickMeeting has some of the most economical options available. A free account is available to get started for 1 month. For 100 attendees and a basic package, you would pay $79 a month until you cancel. For the ability to have on-demand webinars and other features it will cost $95 for 100 attendees, or $229 for 500.

Entry Level Price: $30.00 (Per month) if billed monthly. It is $25 per month if billed annually.  This account level allows for unlimited webinars or meetings, but only up to 25 attendees. If you add attendees beyond that number, the cost per month increases.

Training Options: There are YouTube videos, and video tutorials, manuals and a FAQ available. We do not see an option for one-on-one training.

Customer Support: Available by email request or by LIVE chat (for paid accounts) Monday through Friday from 3 am to 5 pm Eastern time.

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