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Adobe Connect Summary

Adobe Connect is a comprehensive platform for digital marketing events that helps businesses, organizations and government agencies deliver immersive events, maximize attendance and measure results thereby optimizing campaign investments.

In addition to online meetings and webinars, Adobe Connect serves as a virtual classroom that provides for rapid training that is accessible anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. Users can create content and deliver immersive virtual classroom experiences.

Adobe Connect has over 30,000 customers including the Department of Defense, SAP and other businesses.

Entry Level Price for Adobe Connect Meetings: $50.00 (Per month with monthly plan) / $540 (For annual plan - a savings of $60) *

*Note: Adobe is currently offering a 90-day free trial for up to 25 participants. Click here for more info.

Entry Level Price for Adobe Connect Webinars: $130.00 (Per month with monthly plan) / $1250 (For annual plan - a savings of $310)

Entry Level Price for Adobe Connect Learning: $370.00 (Per month with monthly plan) / $3500 (For annual plan - a savings of $940)

Training Options: Online Support, Instructional Webinars / Videos and Documentation. There is no one-on-one training offered at this time, but there is a robust online support section and community.

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Adobe Connect Features

Adobe Connect Meetings enables you to go beyond screen sharing to collaborate far more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers across devices using dynamic multimedia, video streaming and extensive interactive options.

  • Persistent Virtual Rooms: Meet using a personalized, always-on URL and brand-able environment. Quickly create additional online meeting rooms with templates. Securely store files, documents, layouts, and notes.
  • Rich recording and editing tools: Record, edit, and republish meetings for widespread on-demand access. Edit content, index the meeting, anonymize participants, and convert to MP4. Distribute and trackrecordings while managing access.
  • Security & Accessibility: Comprehensive security, compliance and privacy controls. FedRAMP certified: certified by the U.S Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Department of Defense (DoD). Section 508 accessibility standards compliance.
  • Limitless extensibility: Extend the functionality in your rooms with custom apps. Build your own apps to enhance your unique use case. Use API's to integrate with your other enterprise applications.
  • Mobility: Collaborate anytime, anywhere from iOS or android device. Allow participants on desktop to enter hassle free through browser clients. No downloads.

Adobe Connect Webinars enables marketers to generate leads and measure content effectiveness by delivering immersive virtual experiences. Adobe Connect is the ideal solution for any marketing organization committed to producing impactful virtual events that showcase their products, services and brands.

  • Increase engagement: Engage and enlighten prospects with high-quality video, polls, surveys and open chat.
  • Create registration pages: Create unique registration pages and easily automate invitations, reminders and followups.
  • Collect data on engagement: Track lead sources, audience engagement and participation.
  • Powerful host controls: Leverage Webinar power tools like 'Presenter Only Area' and 'Prepare Mode’ that enable you to work behind the scenes with other presenters and produce great results. Persistent rooms for you to setup days or weeks ahead and re-use content from previous sessions. Engagement dashboard for insight into participation and level ofinterest. Powerful host controls to manage every aspect of the participant experience.
  • Brandable & Customizable: Customize your room with your branding from background images and content to logos and banners. Design your own web and email templates to ensure consistency.

Adobe Connect Learning provides a complete solution for rapid training and mobile learning, enabling customers to quickly create, deliver and measure live and on-demand training for consistent deployment of training across devices.

  • Immersive live virtual classroom: Maximize engagement with extensive interactive options. Measure live learner participation with engagement monitoring. Brand-able, customizable, and persistent virtual classrooms. Streamline live session management with intuitive backstage tools.
  • Consistent and repeatable: Persistent room which can be setup ahead of time and re-used over and over. Room templates make it fast and easy to setup new rooms and ensure consistency acrosslearning experiences. Reset the room to make it ready for the next session with the click of a button.
  • Learning Management System (LMS) Integrations: Manage and track learning curricula and learner enrolment by integrating with Adobe Captivate Prime LMS or with your existing Learning Management System.
  • Engaging learning content: Rapidly create and deploy content using authoring tools such as Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter. Add quizzes, interactions, and simulations to your virtual classrooms.
  • Mobile learning across devices: Train or participate directly from mobile devices. Deploy interactive mobile experiences including breakout sessions. Enjoy hosting, file sharing, and whiteboarding with your mobile device. Enable participants on desktop PC's to enter hassle-free with no additional downloads.

Adobe Connect Images

Adobe Connect Digital Office

The Adobe Connect Digital Office allows you to create a virtual room that you can define with a layout that includes pods and content. With a dedicated URL (web address), you can use it for as long as you want and invite people into. This can give you a room for a team, for a product or for yourself.

Adobe Connect - Standard Meeting Room

The Adobe Connect - Standard Meeting Room gives you the ability to hold meetings, online whiteboard discussions, and share video and audio as well as other documents.

Adobe Connect Video Conferencing

Adobe Connect Video Conferencing can include a number of participants and what are called "pods" or modules that you can use to manage the meeting experience.

Adobe Connect Videos

Why Adobe Connect?
Introducing Adobe Connect 10-5 Video
Introducing Adobe Connect 10.5
Chat Pod and Q&A Pod in Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Pricing and Features By Plan

Information provided by Adobe Connect, but subject to change.

  • Adobe Connect Meetings
  • $50
    per Month
  • Adobe Connect Meetings includes:
  • Personal digital office
  • Rich recording and editing tools
  • Highly secure communication and compliance
  • Storage and VoIP included
  • Meeting Host 25 - $50.00/mo
  • Hold a meeting with up to 25 participants
  • Adobe Connect Webinars
  • $130
    per Month
  • Everything in Adobe Connect Meetings, plus:
  • Immersive experiences
  • Robust registration
  • Fully customizable events
  • Built-in analytics
  • Webinar Manager 100 - $130.00/mo
  • Deliver a webinar with up to 100 participants
  • Webinar Manager 500 - $470.00/mo
  • Deliver a webinar with up to 500 participants
  • Webinar Manager 1000 - $580.00/mo
  • Deliver a webinar with up to 1000 participants
  • Adobe Connect Learning
  • $370
    per Month
  • Everything in Adobe Connect Meetings, plus:
  • Engaging content delivery
  • Mobile learning across devices
  • Immersive classes live and on-demand
  • Efficient training management and tracking
  • Virtual Classroom Manager 200 - $370.00/mo
  • Conduct virtual classes with up to 200 participants

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