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Many companies are adding Webinars to their marketing activities. Since Webinars became a popular business tool over 15 years ago, the number of webinar software solutions, as well as the features and functionality within each service, have changed substantially. This directory of webinar software providers is meant to shed some light on what options you have to host your own Webinar.

We have divided up the list into two. The first is the "Top 15 Webinar Software Providers" and the second is the "Top 16 to 70 Webinar Software Providers," which we also have ranked best on best features and functionality as well as pricing. We also have a full list in alpha order. Questions? Write us at:

Top 15 Webinar Software Providers
(Ranked w/ summaries)

Listed by strongest overall score in estimated website traffic, keyword search (top 5 to top 10 most product / solution relevant keywords tracked by Your Webinar Experts) and search visibility.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 17,500+

Search Visibility: Medium to High


WebinarJam Summary

WebinarJam is a sophisticated and easy-to-use live casting and event streaming software that can help you produce a complete live stream event from registration to replay. It is consistently considered one of the highest rated webinar software platforms in the market today with a feature-rich offering and low annual cost.

Its cloud-based architecture does not require users or audiences to download software. However, it still provides a secure and stable connection. WebinarJam uses a proprietary combination of WebRTC and HLS with a little bit of RTMP Streaming to provide a clear video and audio stream that improves the quality of what your audience receives across any device. The solution has been capable of over 10,000 simultaneous viewers, which means it is incredibly robust.

Pricing is done differently for WebinarJam than many of its competitors. The $499 starter cost is for the entire year (which comes out to a little over $41 per month). The fee is annual (there is no month to month), but in addition to all standard webinar features you would expect, you also get to inject pre-recorded videos, send email and text messages from the system and charge for events.

Professional and Enterprise plans have a "always on" room, which is a dedicated URL for your company that you can share and use at any time. This is great for reoccuring company or organization events that are separate from single webinars. These users also receive a "panic button" that in case of a technical problem - the system will reboot and transfer everyone into a new room to continue the webinar.

Currently, WebinarJam is used by over 35,000 online business professionals.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 2,700+

Search Visibility: Medium


EverWebinar Summary

EverWebinar is made by the same company that created WebinarJam and the software is often bundled with WebinarJam (but sold separately). We rank them together as one solution set, but they do serve different needs as far as webinars.

EverWebinar is designed to simulate a "live" event is taking place. In other words, it provides for automated, ondemand and "Just In Time" webinars where people can view the content on a schedule or within moments of registration. The webinars used in this solution are pre-recorded.

If you bundle EverWebinar with WebinarJam you can take your "live" event and immediately convert it into an on-demand webinar. The solution has templates so you can easily create landing pages and you also can include offers that get presented during the evergreen webinar broadcast that encourage engagement. This is an excellent resource for people interested in selling products and services.

Another cool feature is the simulated "live chat" that allows you to import the flow of a chat from a previous event or add a simulated chat script.

There also are "live" polls that can take place, so even though you are running a simulated event - you can still capture poll data from your attendees. With a standard on-demand webinar, viewers see polls that took place but cannot participate in them. So, this EverWebinar feature adds a compelling engagement tool to make a pre-recorded event more valuable.

EverWebinar has the same intro $499 price tag as WebinarJam, but you also can pay in installments - though the end cost is a little higher. One important final note: WebinarJam has on-demand webinars built into the solution. EverWebinar is for businesses and organizations that want to take on-demand events and simulate a "live" experience. This is not a necessary feature for all business types, so do consider your goals before purchasing both solutions together.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 50,900+

Search Visibility: High


GoToWebinar Summary

GoToWebinar earns a number 2 ranking, because it remains one the best and most reliable webinar solutions available for businesses and organizations.

More people use GoToWebinar than any other solution, and there is significant familiarity across industries with the platform - both for people administering webinars as well as users. This is an important differentiator because people have a higher comfort level interacting with solutions they know.

Competition in the webinar software marketplace has pushed GoToWebinar to update their dashboard to a more modern user interface. GoToWebinar also has added new features over the last year, including the ability to charge an audience money for webinars, a built-in video editor and a transcript service that automatically creates a written version of the webinar conversation. For "Standard" level accounts and higher, you can leverage the transcript with an embedded video on your website to maximize search engine optimization and create a better user experience.

There are some limitations with GoToWebinar compared to other platforms. For example, GoToWebinar does not have built-in marketing automation features. We do not consider this a major drawback since the solution integrates with different automation solutions and CRMs. Many mid-sized to large organizations will have an email or marketing automation solution in place. However, if your business or organization does not have a solution in place - a different webinar provider may make promotion and data collection easier.

Overall, the increasingly competitive landscape for webinar solutions is forcing GoToWebinar to better manage its pricing. The most entry-level subscription will cost you $59 per month ($49 per month if you pay for the whole year). GoToWebinar also bundles GoToMeeting for up to 150 meeting attendees with all its plans. One note, even if you pay month-to-month with GoToWebinar, you still need to enter into a full year contract. This may be a show-stopped for some businesses and organizations unsure of their long-term webinar plans.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 2,000

Search Visibility: Low to Medium


ClickMeeting Summary

ClickMeeting is a robust solution for product demos, online courses, webinars and large online events.

What makes ClickMeeting an excellent solution is that it provides a complete event solution allowing you to engage people before, during and after a webinar with important information or actionable content.

For example, you can have a "waiting room" that allows your attendees to have detailed information about the event and download resources you make available.

A person can run automated webinars as well as use a PayPal integration to sell content, including courses.

Sub-accounts and multi-user options are another unique feature within ClickMeeting. For sub-accounts, you can allow colleagues, external consultants, and trainers to have their own accounts and run events but under one brand for uniformity. If you are running courses, for example, you could have sub-accounts for courses or grade levels. Security settings prevent sub-account users to access other accounts. The multi-user option allows different people to login to access an account. Both options provide a great deal of flexibility for an admin and increase the value that ClickMeeting provides.

ClickMeeting allows you to stream your content to Facebook and YouTube. It also comes with lots of standard webinar features like customizable branding throughout the experience, invitations and registration pages. During the event you can poll or survey your audience, engage in chats and share presentations and videos. What's more, like other modern solutions, ClickMeeting is borwser-based and does not require account holders or attendees to download and run applications.

Once the webinar is over, you have detailed analytics on your webinar attendance rates and other metrics, as well as a recording that you make available for on-demand viewing.

Lastly, when it comes to price, ClickMeeting has some of the most economical options available. A free account is available to get started for 1 month. For 100 attendees and a basic package, you would pay $79 a month until you cancel. For the ability to have on-demand webinars and other features it will cost $95 for 100 attendees, or $229 for 500.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 1,300+

Search Visibility: Low


WebinarNinja Summary

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one solution and has grown in use over the last few years. One of its strengths is that the platform mixes a robust set of features and functionality with a well-designed experience that makes setting up a webinar very easy.

With WebinarNinja, you can create live webinars, an automated webinar (ondemand or scheduled event) and hybrid webinars (live speaker with a recorded video). One different feature that is not available with many competitors is that WebinarNinja can run a webinar series. A series is especially benefitical if you want to break down a topic over a period of time OR if you have a course and series of classes you want to run.

There are a couple of other great features that help WebinarNinja earn the #4 rank in our directory: custom pages and digital asset or media library.

With custom registration and "thank you" pages, WebinarNinja has excellent templates that are designed to help improve conversion. Branding and colors and fields are customizable and easy to change, which really allows you to maintain brand consistency.

The media library is another differentiator in WebinarNinja. Not many solutions have a place where you can upload and save graphics and other assets for future use. This puts everything you need for your webinars in one place.

WebinarNinja also has many built-in integrations as well as additional integration options through Zapier, which means you can sync the solution with a marketing automation provider (HubSpot, SharpSpring, etc) as well as your CRM.

The platform also includes: the ability to charge a fee for webinars (great for selling courses), the ability to hide attendees and ban people from an event (if you have someone who has entered illegally or is being disruptive) and many standard features in most other platforms.

Pricing for WebinarNinja also is very competitive. A starter plan for 100 webinar attendees (live or automated) will be $49 per month (paid monthly) or $39 per month (if paid annually). The most expensive account is $249 a month (paid monthly) and that allows up to 1,000 attendees for an event.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 1,800+

Search Visibility: Low


Livestorm Summary

Livestorm is a complete video communications tool for online events and webinars. What helps put it in the top tier of software solutions (and earn our #5 rank) is that it includes a robust feature set including built-in marketing automation, integrations with other applications and advanced analytics for tracking event engagement.

The analytics component in Livestorm is much more sophisticated than other providers because it allows you to track minute-by-minute attendance and attention rates, which can greatly inform you about what content is driving the most interest for your audience.

Another area where Livestorm is a bit more advanced than its competitors is with its automation features - specifically email. Most solutions can send email notifications. However, Livestorm allows you to send promotional emails and automate those communications. You can add elements of personalization to the communication, send, then check the status and engagement of the emails.

Within Livestorm, you can create and customize your own landing and registration pages. And there is an integration with streaming to YouTube and Twitch, which can greatly expand your audience reach.

The solution, like others in the top tier, is compatible across all devices and browsers, and allows you to run live webinars or online events, on-demand or automated / "just in time" webinars that simulate live events.

Overall, we like the versitility of Livestorm, because you can use it for product demos, training, webinars, online events, podcasts or online courses. There is the ability to embed registration forms, and you have unlimited recording space - which is not as common a feature with webinar software providers as we would like to see.

When it comes to pricing, Livestorm is competitive, but certainly one of the more expensive monthly options. While you can get a free plan for up to 10 registrants, a basic Webinar Premium plan costs $109 (paid monthly) and gets you all the features with 100 attendees. 250 live attendees will cost an additional $109, while 1,000 will cost $229. At the moment, the meeting solution is sold separately and normally that retails for $39 (paid monthly). But Livestorm is offering their meeting solution for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 2,500+

Search Visibility: Low to Medium


Demio Summary

Demio is a solid video conferencing and webinar software provider that is well-designed and makes setting up and managing webinars easy and successful.

The solution is run in the cloud and requires no software or application downloads, which makes it easier for both webinar administrators and speakers as well as the attendees - all anyone has to use is a browser.

Demio allows you to run live webinars, as well as a webinar series, a hybrid event (mixing pre-recorded material with live video), on-demand (standard replay) and automated / simulated live events. By offering these event types, Demio can be used for more online events such as training sessions, marketing / promotional webinars, courses and more.

Demio does not have a full suite of marketing automation tools, but it does integrate with marketing automation software and CRM solutions. You can still create registration pages, embed registration forms on your website, send out email notifications. You can customize some elements to ensure you showcase your logo and colors.

The system features also include many standard options, such as polling, chats, sharing presentations and more. Demio also allows you to bring attendees into the webinar, which not all tools allow, and has a feature to showcase a call to action during the event.

The quality of the video and audio has been highlighted by Demio's customers as being a real plus.

Pricing is competitive with other providers as well. A "starter" package for Demio will cost $49 (paid monthly), including all standard features and have a 50 attendee per webinar limit. Though there is a 3 hour session limit, you do get unlimited webinars and unlimited storeage, which is a plus. If you want to be able to brand your registration pages, have at least 150 attendees and be able to customize your registration form fields, you will need to pay $99 (paid monthly). The last tier costs $234 (paid monthly) and gets you a 500 attendee max, all available features and up to 4 hosts to run events. Annual plans (paying for the whole year up front) drive the monthly cost down by 30%. A full year at the most expensive plan will costs your business or organization about $2,000.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 4,100+

Search Visibility: High


BigMarker Summary

BigMarker is a platform to create, distribute, and build traction with live, on-demand, and automated webinar content.

BigMarker webinars run in the cloud through a web browser, so managing and attending a webinar does not require people to download applications.

The solution also has an embeddable video player that can be customized with your brand. You can add interactive elements like Lead Forms, Polls, Offers, and Q&A to engage your audience, capture data, and drive action.

You also can stream videos from BigMarker to YouTube and Facebook - but not at the same time.

BigMarker allows youto set interactive webinars on auto-pilot. You can embed them into your website and they'll activate prospects, customers, and employees for you automatically, without having to manually host repetitive content, which is significant benefit.

You also have the ability to use BigMarker for courses and conferences. The system allows you to monetize a multi-session, video-based series, course, or summit. And there are dozens of platforms that BigMarker integrates with to make it a more expansive solution.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 24,000+

Search Visibility: High


Adobe Connect Summary

Adobe Connect is a comprehensive platform for digital marketing events that helps businesses, organizations and government agencies deliver immersive events, maximize attendance and measure results thereby optimizing campaign investments.

In addition to online meetings and webinars, Adobe Connect serves as a virtual classroom that provides for rapid training that is accessible anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device. Users can create content and deliver immersive virtual classroom experiences.

Adobe Connect has over 30,000 customers including the Department of Defense, SAP and other businesses.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 1,800

Search Visibility: Low


EasyWebinar Summary

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: 11,239

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 915,100+

Search Visibility: High

RANK: 10

Zoom Summary

Zoom identifies as a leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

The "Zoom Rooms" solution is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms.

Despite security concerns and documented instances of people crashing Zoom meetings, Zoom has taken steps to improve security and continues to make advancements in its platform, while continuing to offer some of the lowest costs in the industry.

Founded in 2011, Zoom helps businesses and organizations bring their teams together in a frictionless environment to get more done. Zoom is a publicly traded company on Nasdaq (ticker: ZM) and headquartered in San Jose, California.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 150+

Search Visibility: Low

RANK: 11

JetWebinar Summary

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 39,000

Search Visibility: High

RANK: 12

Vimeo and Livestream Summary

Vimeo Premium, which offers unlimited live events and unlimited viewers up to 7 TB of video file storeage all for $75 a month.

Vimeo's service offers users the ability to have up to 10 video publishers on an account, customization / branding, embeding videos on websites, password protection and the ability to natively publish to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter, which is the most complete set of social media platforms of any of the top 15 webinar solutions.

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: 9,700+

Search Visibility: High

RANK: 13

ON24 Summary

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: TBD

Search Visibility: Low

RANK: 14

StealthSeminar Summary

Estimated Monthly Website Traffic: TBD

Top 5 to Top 10 Unique and Branded Keyword
Search Volume by Month: TBD

Search Visibility: Low

RANK: 15

Samba Live Summary


While other directories use a subjective scoring methodology or base their ratings on internal assessments or a small sample size of customer reviews they receive, we are basing our rating system on estimated website traffic, branded keyword search volume and visibility in search results. This will help you see the webinar software providers that are trending online and currently receiving the most customer engagement.

We also have dedicated pages for each webinar software solution. These pages include background, features, screen shots, videos and pricing information. All of these webinar software profiles are based on our research and information offered by providers. We make an effort to review and test each system, and we ask to to interview company representatives and share content. Our goal is to be an agnostic source of information on webinar software, as well as a trusted partner for your organization.

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