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Your Webinar Experts

Your Webinar Experts is a strategic marketing and media agency that helps businesses, government agencies and organizations improve their outreach and engagement. We do this through services for webinars, remote working, online learning, virtual events and more.

Webinars, Online Meetings and Virtual Events - Your Webinar Experts


Our initial focus as a Company was to help businesses and organizations with creating and managing webinar programs for growing their audience, improving brand identity and generation business opportunities. For webinars, we provide services for business to consumer (B2C), business to business (B2B), business to government (B2G) and government to citizen (G2C) targeted events.

Online Classes and e-Learning

Since webinars are video recordings and involve sharing video of people as well as content, we saw a lot of similarities between webinar programs and building online classes and curriculum for e-learning. In a partnership with Catoctin Education and Catoctin College, we help organizations and individuals plan out lessons, classes and courses, so they can deliver a compelling learning experience.

Virtual Events and Virtual Reality Experiences

With the growing desire for organizations to either supplement in-person events or replace in-person conferences with online experiences, Your Webinar Experts also provides services for virtual events.

In addition to the planning, promotion, execution and management of a virtual event (with pre-recorded and/or live sessions), we also work with organizations to add virtual reality (VR) experiences for their audiences. VR can be a powerful way to immerse your audience into your event or provide a more compelling learning experience for human resources training or education.

Remote Working

With the growing need for organizations to support a mobile and remote workforce, Your Webinar Experts also provides services, resources and support to help ensure communication with and productivity of remote workers is optimized and successful. 

Executive Leadership Team

Your Webinar Experts is led by Michael Hackmer and Deanna Glick who oversee a small team of webinar, event, content and technology specialists. Together they define the company's strategic direction and oversee all projects and partnerships.

Interesting background on our leaders:

  • Michael and Deanna have worked together at two different companies during their professional careers that represented two different industries (government contracting and education).
  • They also both test as ENTP in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®), which may explain why they love being creative. ENTP stands for Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P) and is one of the most rare personality types occurring in only 2% to 5% of people. ENTPs are naturally gifted at identifying the complex interrelationships that exist between ideas or people.

Michael Hackmer - Your Webinar Experts

Michael Hackmer, Founder and CEO

Michael Hackmer is Webinar Master and expert at online events and e-learning. Over the last 20 years, Hackmer has conducted, managed, moderate or spoken in hundreds of webinars and led development of virtual events and online learning programs.

Much of Hackmer's career has been spent in creating marketing and communications strategies for businesses and organizations, creating content, events and online learning programs and building lead generation campaigns.

His current and past experience includes work for companies such as: Adobe, Calvert Education, Deltek, HP, Huntington Learning Center, International Student Exchange Programs, K12, Leidos, Strayer University and more.

Michael can be reached at: michaelhackmer@yourwebinarexperts.com

Deanna Glick - Your Webinar Experts

Deanna Glick, Senior Director of Content Strategy and Marketing Projects

Deanna Glick is a collaborative, energetic leader and creative problem-solver with top-notch communications, marketing, content, branding, and public relations expertise.

At Your Webinar Experts, Deanna serves as a leader on content strategy and project management. In her role, she empowers people and helps to streamline projects to meet deadlines and budgets.

An expert storyteller who grasps how to hook audiences and deliver engaging content, Deanna helps to lead all our efforts across webinars, online courses and virtual events.

Her past experience includes work at AOL, Deltek, K12, HuffPost, and LA Times.

Deanna can be reached at: deannaglick@yourwebinarexperts.com

Your Webinar Experts specializes in creating and managing highly successful webinars, online classes and virtual events for consumers, businesses, government agencies and organizations. which improve outreach, engagement and opportunities. We also help orgainzations with remote working strategies, tactics and technologies. We are ready and able to help your company.

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